Moderation Points – Learn More!

Moderation points… What does that even mean? Protein, fats, carbs, and veggies are all pretty self-explanatory, right? But moderation points might be a new term for some. And really, it’s simple. Moderation points allow you the flexibility to indulge in your favorite little vices every day. They cover everything that we may not consider traditionally “healthy”, just in small quantities. Do you like to drink a vanilla latte every morning? Moderation points have it covered. How about a piece of dark chocolate after lunch? Moderation points to the rescue, once again!

Examples of other foods that would be considered moderation points are:

  • A small bag of chips
  • 1 oz. of pretzels
  • Kashi cookies
  • A piece of candy

Countless Nutrition moderation points latte

We have an ever-evolving library of food for you to enter, with foods from quinoa to turkey sausage to eggs to whole-wheat pasta. And we take your recommendations for additions to our food library very seriously! However, our system encourages you to make healthy choices each and every day… which is why we don’t include all of your favorite treats in our food library. If you can’t find yours, just add the number of calories into the moderation calculator, and let the program do the rest. But keep in mind – the number of moderation points you get each day is limited, so use them wisely.

Have any questions about how moderation points work? Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!