How does the Countless points system work?

Countless points are unique

In the Countless program, points are not grams, milligrams, ounces, or any other unit of measurement. We assign point values to foods based on their nutritional value derived from our unique, proprietary algorithm.

A great way to get a better grasp on how our point values work is to check out our food library! You can see what types and quantities of foods will provide how many points. For example, 1 oz. of chicken breast equals 1 protein point, where as one frozen turkey burger equals 4 protein points and 2 fat points. Another example is that 1 medium-sized banana equals 2 carbs, while 1 medium-sized apple equals 1.5 carbs.

Points value - fruits & vegetables

When we say Countless is nutrition uncomplicated, we really mean it – our proprietary algorithm eliminates the need for you to count calories or macros on a daily basis. Just assess your food choices based on the point value alone! Just make sure the points fit into your daily allotment.

This can be tricky at first. Be sure to spend some time checking out the foods listed in our library, including their GOOD, BETTER, or BEST color score. This can really help you make healthier food decisions down the line!

Have any questions on how our system works, or what foods you should be eating? You can reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook!